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Bismillaah (In The Name of Allaah)

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Harun Yahya has sufi tendencies and one of the issues he promotes in his books is the sufi heretical understanding of “wahdatul wujood“, literally translated as oneness of existance, which espouses the belief that all that exists IS Allah, making no distinction between the Creator and the created; he also ascribes to Darwan’s theory of evolution (man evolved from a lower species and wans not created as Allah describes in Qur’an).

I am just forbidding from the evil and enjoing the good. I have not stated what my opinion is about him as I am nobody to state such an opinion on anyone, really. I am just sharing that he is a known devient and listing some sources to help others. I just want to make sure I warn away from him as he is a known deviant. I have already posted on The Crime of Tamyee which he admits to doing in that previous link to his press conference.  We must safeguard our religion and take care on who we learn it from so that we are not taught incorrect things.
Minhaj is what makes a person a Sufi, Salafi, Khwaraij and etc. To understand simply, minhaj is the way a person understands and defines the meanings of the Quran and Sunnah in relation to the attributes of Allaah and other defining points in Islamic theology. (If you have a better definition of it please share.)

“So the soundness of manhaj – or lack thereof – determines a persons entry into Paradise or the Fire.”

Here is some more information on what minhaj is.

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