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Dear Reader,

I can’t tell you how many sisters I know who are dying for a decent hair cut — —  including myself. I generally get a hair trim once every two years or more. This leaves me so frustrated, I love my hair and try to take good care of it. I moisturize my ends frequently, give hot oil treatments and I use various oils before and after my showers to try and help keep it shiny and luscious. I will post on these tips later insha Allah ;)

Only Allah knows if these treatments really work, as going without the proper hair trims you really can’t tell. So, I have decided to post on how to trim hair and I have began to trim my families hair. They are my guinea pigs, lol. So I cut the kids hair last night and it looks pretty good, maasha Allaah. After watching these videos and applying their techiniques I think I will get better and better. Who knows, maybe I will even be able to cut the sisters hair in my community and do a pretty good job, insha Allah ;)

Before, I go further I must ask you do you know the rulings for women cutting their hair? No, then look here.

So, trimming your hair means to cut the dead hair which is at the bottom. It gives your hair a new look too. You should always get your hair trimmed after every 4 to 6 weeks.

Step by step instructions to trim your own hair:

  • First spray your hair with a little water to make them wet.
  • Then hold about 10-13 section of hair by clipping the rest of the hair with a clip over your head.
  • With your two fingers hold your hair from below that need to be trimmed and just snip that portion of the hair, which is below the finger.
  • And then again take another section of hair that needs to be trimmed and cut them with the length, which you had snipped before.

Hair Trimming Tips:

  • It is advisable to have a double-sided mirror when you are getting a hair cut. It helps you to see at the back of your hair.
  • Always use a sharp scissor while trimming your hair. If the scissors are not sharp they might damage your hair giving space to split ends.
  • Trim your hair even if you do not find slip ends. It is easy to detect splits ends on straight hair than textured hair.

Scroll through these videos once you find a style you are interested in trying. There are lots more videos linked to the ones I have provided you below the video so scroll away ;)

Watch how to cut hair simply

Watch how to layer white people long hair on videos

Watch how to layer black people hair

Watch how to angle curly hair

Watch how to cut men/boys long curly hair to short

I hope you enjoyed this post and will join me in present endeavor to cut and trim hair and to do it well ;)

Happy Cutting!


Tips & Warnings

  • If you have curly hair, you should straighten your hair before you trim it.
  • You can also use the twist and snip method to trim your hair. Simply twist each section and cut off the split ends.
  • If you are nervous about trimming your own hair, stick with going to your stylist.

About the Author: Halimah bint David authored, illustrated, published and marketed several children  books for Muslim Kindle for kids in Islam  and Sharia Ruqyah for exorcisms in adults. Halimah founded a few popular blogs at SurvivorsAreUs.WordPress.Com, HighwayToHeaven.WordPress.Com, ChristinaMacQuarrie.Wordpress.Com and is currently researching and implementing new copy writing skills.

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  1. As salamulaikum.

    Thank you soooo much for posting this blog. Masha Allah

    This article gave me courage and I cut my hair just now! I like it. I took like four inches off and layered it. Its short but I’m still able to pull it up.Laaaauuuuuauuuauuuauuauauuua [the noise you make lol]

    Oh yea,you know it. (I’m doing the cabbage patch dance right now, hehe)

  2. [...] in further learning about cutting hair and would like to practise it yourself, please visit here. [...]

  3. Asalamu-alay-kum
    Am all for sisters getting their hair cut as it is alright to do so according to the Shariah. However what the sister has described in this article about layering hair, i strongly believe that this is HARAAM. Layering your hair resembles how the Kaafir women cut their hair, so it is not allowed. Below is a article on it for more information:

    I hope this has made the topic more easier to understand.
    Asalamu-alay-kum :)

  4. alenia said:

    i heard that one should trim the split ends of the hair during the full moon or on a new moon. Is this true?

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  6. Bismillaah. Assalaamu Alaikum! All praise is to Allaah Lord and Cherisher of the worlds. I testify that none and nothing has the right to be worshiped except Allah alone and Muhammad is His Final Messenger.

    I have never heard of anything like this in the Quran and Sunnah. I don’t know.

    Allaah Knows Best!

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