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Who Are Good Authors?


Bismillaah (In The Name of Allaah)

Dear Reader,

In a world full of Islaamic books and with over seventy sects of Islaam it can be very daunting when trying to find the right book to learn about Islam. The number one important thing is to look at the author. You want to buy books that are or before being translated written by well known scholars whom had the correct understanding. The second important thing is to look at the translator. Some times translators while meaning well add in their own conjecture and opinions on matters and do not make it clear that it is their own opinion not the original authors.

A third important thing to remember is that some authors of some very good books does not neccessarily mean all their books, and idea’s are good. People are subject to change at any moment. The defining moment of a person’s true character comes out when they have made a mistake while giving dawaa nd refuse to acknolwedge and retract the mistake. From that moment on it becomes difficult to discern if the things they are saying are more innacuracies, misunderstandings and/or deviated beliefs. This is very challenging for the keen seeker of knowledge as being knowledable of the deen does not make one an expert of the deen. So, you must pay attention to what the scholars consensus is on others as well as the advise they impart to the callers to Islam. In this way you may be saved from the hassle of being taught incorrect things in’shaa Allah.

My Islamic Library with books for sale. I have read and own 99.99% of these titles myself. I found much benefit in them. But please do not forget that the authors are not infallible and I do not recommend you buy all their books (ones that are not listed in the bookstore). Especially ones they have written after having made serious mistakes in their dawa.

My Online Library: Books you can read online

A list of Subjects with links on them in the order that it is beneficial to study and learn in.

Oh Allah! I entrust you with what I have read and I have studied. Oh Allah! Bring it back to me when I am in need of it. Oh Allah! You do whatever you wish, you are my availer and protector and the best of aid. Amiin!

I will be adding more and more titles in here as I have time, in’shaa Allaah. Don’t forget to save this page and come back to see the new additions.

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