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Muslimah’s please imagine for one moment that in this whole
wide world how many are suffering from fertility troubles…..In every city,
every state and every country in all the different continents there is
another Muslimah suffering with similar stories as yours and stories far
worse then the worst……

Allahukbarr, Allah is Great, He has destined for us all to belong in
this world where we can share our belief in Islam as well as our
pregnancy woes….Subhan Allah….

Dear Sister, when you feel sad, your heart gets tight, tears well up in
the corners of your eyes and you want to cry.

When you feel that memorable, horrible cramp in your womb and see your
blood flowing, when the clump comes down and
you realize it’s happening again…..

Think back to this post insha Allah and remember that it is happening
all over the world and perhaps at the exact same time as you; there are
countless others experiencing the same pain, problems and feelings….

Allah tests His slaves on the strength of their religion and according
to their position in His eyes. “When the Prophet (peace be upon him) was
asked which people suffered the greatest affliction, he replied, “The
prophets, then those who come next to them, then those who come next to
them. A man is afflicted in keeping his religion. If he is firm in his
religion his trial is severe, but if there is weakness in his religion
it is made light for him, and it continues like that till he walks on
the earth having no sin.”

The Prophet (peace on him) said: “The case of a believer is wonderful;
there is good for him in everything and this characteristic is
exclusively for him alone. If he experiences some thing pleasant, he is
grateful to Allah and that is good for him, and if he comes across some
adversity, he is patient and submissive and that for is good for him.”
(Sahih Muslim)

Wait for a near happy ending from Almighty Allah. No doubt, relief is
after grief and easiness is after hardship. The days are turns. There is
no loss at all for one who enjoys good faith in his heart.
Surely, Allah will lead you to what is better for you with His Will.

Dear Sisters, You should believe that all matters are in the Hand of
Allah. Whoever believes in Him and submits themself to His decision he
becomes successful in this life and in The Hereafter. Masha Allah,
Allah has promised us that if we remain patient with his decree for us
and stay steadfast in Islam we will be of the successfull. Subhan
Allah. With every hardship, sad feeling and pain our sins are forgiven
and our ranks in Jennah are raised….Subhan Allah. So Dear ones I am
giving you the glad tidings of paradise if you remain patient with
Allah’s decree and follow Islam correctly. May Allah make all of us the
successful in this life and this next following His religion and laws
correctly…. amiin. I love you for the sake of Allah, this is a strong
and pure love that overlooks personalities, mistakes and other things
that normally keep two people away from loving each other…Our Lord is
Allah, Our foundation is Islam and our Beloved, is our Teacher Prophet
and Messenger Muhammad sallallhu Allayhi wasallam.

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Comments on: "Advise if you are sad about miscarrying" (2)

  1. As’salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

    Thank you sister for your gentle spirit in dealing with such a sensitive issue. To feel that instant connection to an unborn life, is an emotion that most women can easily identify.

    Each heartache and joy needs a voice. Alhamdulillah for your website that allows room for both. Though I have never experienced such a tremendous loss, I can certainly relate to it’s grief. When our words seem empty…let us recite the most perfect of speech from the Noble Qur’an. Allah subhana wa ta ala knows or sorrow, let Him give us the only comfort that can sustain

    This life is so very short, and there are moments when pain seems never ending. Each day is a new beginning, the pain will lessen by the Mercy of Allah subhana wa ta ala. Bismillah is our living, our dying and to Allah is the return of all.

    Jazak Allah Khair sister for your advice.

  2. Bismillaah

    Wa’Alykaam Assalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh!

    Thank you so much for your heart felt expressions of understanding. It is very wonderful advise to recite the most perfect of speech from the Noble Qur’an. In’shaa Allaah I hope you will never feel that pain and it’s burden and if you must then I hope your iman will be raise and deen intact.

    May Allaah rectify all our affairs, hearts, imaan and bring us closer to Him on His straight path. Let’s start tomorrow better then we did today, in’shaa Allaah.


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