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It is with a heavy heart I have watched this Ramadan slowly leave. Ramadan loved like a dear loved family member always makes the biggest changes in your life.  Just because Ramadan has passed does not mean we should go back to the way things were before . Our prayers are still accepted (until the sun rises from the West) and Allaah’s mercy is so plentiful, bountiful and sublime.  Allaah is Al-Wahhaab, Al-Alim, Al-Basit, Al-Jalil and Al- Karim. Fear not to lose out on Allaah’s mercy and take advantage of His names and attributes. Call out to Allaah for help in times when our prayers are due and when prayers are most likely to be accepted.  Besides the mandated times to pray we have the last third of every night, when it rains, between the adhan and iqama of every obligatory salat, before breaking fast and on it goes. Continue doing the good deeds and things you have been doing thus far. Do not allow yourself to go back to your old lazy and bad habits this year. Try and maintain your goodness and meet next Ramadan with all these good qualities and actions. Then next Ramadan increase yourself in even more goodness succeeding in areas you wish you would have succeeded in prior years. The most loved actions by Allaah (swt) are those which we do all the time to seek His blessings and pleasure. I love you my dear sweet Ramadan and my eyes fill with tears now that you have passed. I hope and pray I will live to see you another twenty times and always meet you with goodness established in my actions and heart in’sha Allaah. Amin. Thumma. Amiin.

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