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Welcome if you Hate Islam, Please feel free to  enter here

Are you living in fear and distrust? Worried that every day we are closer to a Muslim Terrorist or Wahhabi that will bring death or destruction to your own door step? If you’re Frustrated with Islam, Give me twenty minutes and let me explain what Following The Salaf, Sharia and Tawhid Really Means.

“Verily We have created man into toil and struggle… Have We not made for him a pair of eyes; and a tongue, and a pair of lips; and shown him the two ways (obedience and disobedience)?”

(Qur’an, Al-Balad 90:4-10)

Welcome if you are New to Islam, Please Feel Free to enter here

Perhaps you are feeling insecure, over-whelmed and/or unsupported?

What if I was to tell you, Allah in His Mercy knows every problem you are struggling with and has Blessed us with the Perfect solutions and encouragement for your every matter? Here is a method, that is helping Muslims worldwide, to learn Islam. The solutions are easily found explained in the Sunnah, Sharia and Fatwa . Congratulations, on entering the fold of Islam and believing in the Tawhid of Allah.

“So know that there is no god save Allah, ask forgiveness for your sins and for the believing men and the believing women. Allah knows well your moving and your place of rest.”

(Qur’an, Muhammad 47:19)

Non-fiction Children’s Islamic Books: For Sale, Never Read.

What book loving Muslims everywhere, ought to know about the starving mother of five beautiful and loyal Muslim children.

The author.

Halimah bint David the slave: waiting to be fed and provided for by Allah (swt).

The goal?

To simply sell books that inspire and nourish, crackling parched, hearts and minds of children and their loving families.

I understand you are trying to proficiently do your job and are extremely busy, I would be honoured for a short amount of your time to read these and review

These are a Children’s Tawhid Series. The writing is simple factual and short, focused on those just learning how to read.

Eric Carle Meets National Geographic Discovering Allah

Allah? Who Is Allah?
Written and Illustrated By: Halimah bint David

In simple words this books interacts with Muslim kids about who is Allah.

This book is for sale for the small price of $1.99

Eric Carle Meets National Geographic Accepting Allah

Allah! Allah Is My Lord!
Written and Illustrated By:Halimah bint David

In simple words this book rejoices with Muslim kids about learning how great The Lord is.

This book is for sale for the small price of $1.99

A Walk In The Garden

Written and Illustrated By:Halimah bint David

Elegant hand crafted illustrations softly whispering advise poetically.

You don’t have to be famous or rich to benefit from Allah’s Merciful Messengers (peace be upon him) path to live in righteous simplicity and blessed harmony.

Imagine the elegant beautiful gate of Islam waiting for you outside of Jannah. Lush rolling hills bright green and pure waiting for you in silence and mystique.

The supreme stature of Allah is far beyond this breathtaking work of art.

A Walk in The Garden was written to help Muslims and non-Muslims gain an understanding of some of Islam’s basic required knowledge known as Tawhid [the unity of God].

This book is for sale for the small price of $1.99

If you don’t read one of these books and write a review, you may regret it later.

If you review one of published books, I will be giving you a free copy of my next book of Islamic poetry, that is not yet available.

The free Islamic poetry book is called ‘Everything Under The Throne’ and is like Khalil Gibran Speaking Mostly With The Quran.

Now You Can Have The Muslims Best Islamic Ruqyah & Exorcism Books, In One

Written and Compiled By: Halimah bint David

Many Famous Islamic Books have been referenced for the compilation of this Book, to allow the reader a full view of the many facets of knowledge necessary for a complete understanding.

It is our intention to help you learn to take control of your spiritual self, completely by the will of Allah through Islamic Legal Exorcisms and Dua.

Do not allow disbelief and satan to overthrow your personal self-control, eman and hidayah.

This book is for sale for the small price of $1.99

Some books that have been referenced include:

By: Ibn Taimyyah
Diseases of the Hearts and their Cures

By: Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
Zad al-Ma’ad (Provision of the hereafter)

By: Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
The Exorcist Tradition In Islam

By: Ibn Baz
The Authentic Creed and the Invalidators of Islam

And many more.

For more information on our books for sale:

We hope you will enjoy!

About the Author: Halimah bint David authored, illustrated, published and marketed several children  books for Muslim Kindle for kids in Islam  and Sharia Ruqyah for exorcisms in adults. Halimah founded a few popular blogs at SurvivorsAreUs.WordPress.Com, HighwayToHeaven.WordPress.Com, ChristinaMacQuarrie.Wordpress.Com and is currently researching and implementing new copy writing skills.

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