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Frustrated with Islam, Let Me Explain Following the Salaf, Sharia and Tawhid

Islam‘s Fundamentalism Exposed by a Fundamentalist!

Important Discussions Right Now

Imagine you live and feel like a stranger, though you have remained in the same country your entire life.

You speak the same language, as everyone else yet live as a third class citizen. You cry privately, laugh publicly, bleed red blood and philosophize on the purpose of our creation.

However, you wish to express your feelings and beliefs but, others always insist they know better then you.

For evidence, they compile a bunch of examples of actions done by people you have never met before nor even heard of.

How would this make you feel?

What if there was a place you could go, just to tell the truth of your feelings and belief?

You thought you knew what Islam’s fundamentalists believe. See SurvivorsAreUs.Wordpress.Com reverse your understanding of Fundamentalism in Islam and Muslim Fundamentalists.
Frustrated Muslim Blogger Writes Frequently Asked Questions About Islam and Muslims
The Secrets of Muslim Unity And Why We Differ in Groups And Parties

A Note on the incorrect term of ‘Wahabism’ or ‘Wahhabi':

The word “Wahabism” is in fact nothing but a meaningless appellation which used by people in two cases: The term “Wahabism” is often used to describe those who closely stick to the verses of the Qur’an and the narrations of the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) in all religious affairs. Consequently, instead of directly attacking Islam for those things that do not appeal to their desires, they call anyone who follows these texts “Wahabis.”

Another different and contemporary usage has appeared for this term. Anybody who belongs to any of the current Qutbist type groups or movements that call for political overthrows, endless blind purported Jihads which are based upon principles other than those found in Islam and led by people who have no knowledge based background in Islamic scholarship, are entered into a giant umbrella group called “Wahabism.” This is done even though these followers of Sayyid Qutb despise the Salaf Wahabi Scholars and their Creed.

Hence, in the first case, “Wahabism” is used to mean “anything I don’t like about Islam,” and in the second case, “anything I don’t like about what the contemporary Qutbist movements do; things that have no basis in Islam.”

As for The Arab Spring Movement, evidence suggests that, You Don’t Have To Be Rioting for Revolution To Get Change.

The media and general population are invited to actually begin to study the principles of Salaf Wahhabism and report about it accurately, especially as it seems that the “War Against Terrorism” seems to slowly be turning into the “War Against Wahabism.”

What do ‘Wahhabi’ Fundamentalists Really Think of 9/11?

Evidence of Fundamentalists Beliefs on Terrorism As They Understand it

‘Wahhabi’ Fundamentalists Support Suicide Bombing?

‘Wahhabi’ Fundamentalist Manners with Jews

The Truth on Osama bin Ladan’s Beliefs

Does Osama bin Ladan really like Fundamentalist ‘Wahhabi’s?

Three Evil and Deviant infamous Muslims

Do you know who these three evil and deviant ‘Muslims’ are? Learn who they are and what they believed.

Who was Abu Alaa Maududi?

Who was Hasan Al-Banna?

Who was Sayyed Qutb

Islam Sects Explained

Prophet Muhammad peace on him, said about The Salaf: “The best of my nation is my generation than those who follow them and then those who follow them.” (Hadith Saheeh Bukhaaree)

The Wahhabi Myth: What is a Salafi and What is Salafism?

What is a Khariji and Who are the Khawarij?

What is a Sufi and What is Sufism?

Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun The Muslim Brotherhood

The Truth of Zionist Israel

Zionists True Feelings Towards Muslims

Non-fiction Children’s Islamic Books: For Sale, Never Read.

What book loving Muslims everywhere, ought to know about the starving mother of five beautiful and loyal Muslim children.

The author.

Halimah bint David the slave: waiting to be fed and provided for by Allah (swt).

The goal?

To simply sell books that inspire and nourish, crackling parched, hearts and minds of children and their loving families.

I understand you are trying to proficiently do your job and are extremely busy, I would be honoured for a short amount of your time to read these and review

These are a Children’s Tawhid Series. The writing is simple factual and short, focused on those just learning how to read.

Eric Carle Meets National Geographic Discovering Allah

Allah? Who Is Allah?
Written and Illustrated By: Halimah bint David

In simple words this books interacts with Muslim kids about who is Allah.

This book is for sale for the small price of $1.99

Eric Carle Meets National Geographic Accepting Allah

Allah! Allah Is My Lord!
Written and Illustrated By:Halimah bint David

In simple words this book rejoices with Muslim kids about learning how great The Lord is.

This book is for sale for the small price of $1.99

A Walk In The Garden

Written and Illustrated By:Halimah bint David

Elegant hand crafted illustrations softly whispering advise poetically.

You don’t have to be famous or rich to benefit from Allah’s Merciful Messengers (peace be upon him) path to live in righteous simplicity and blessed harmony.

Imagine the elegant beautiful gate of Islam waiting for you outside of Jannah. Lush rolling hills bright green and pure waiting for you in silence and mystique.

The supreme stature of Allah is far beyond this breathtaking work of art.

A Walk in The Garden was written to help Muslims and non-Muslims gain an understanding of some of Islam’s basic required knowledge known as Tawhid [the unity of God].

This book is for sale for the small price of $1.99

If you don’t read one of these books and write a review, you may regret it later.

If you review one of published books, I will be giving you a free copy of my next book of Islamic poetry, that is not yet available.

The free Islamic poetry book is called ‘Everything Under The Throne’ and is like Khalil Gibran Speaking Mostly With The Quran.

Now You Can Have The Muslims Best Islamic Ruqyah & Exorcism Books, In One

Written and Compiled By: Halimah bint David

Many Famous Islamic Books have been referenced for the compilation of this Book, to allow the reader a full view of the many facets of knowledge necessary for a complete understanding.

It is our intention to help you learn to take control of your spiritual self, completely by the will of Allah through Islamic Legal Exorcisms and Dua.

Do not allow disbelief and satan to overthrow your personal self-control, eman and hidayah.

This book is for sale for the small price of $1.99

Some books that have been referenced include:

By: Ibn Taimyyah
Diseases of the Hearts and their Cures

By: Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
Zad al-Ma’ad (Provision of the hereafter)

By: Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
The Exorcist Tradition In Islam

By: Ibn Baz
The Authentic Creed and the Invalidators of Islam

And many more.

For more information on our books for sale:

We hope you will enjoy!

About the Author: Halimah bint David authored, illustrated, published and marketed several children  books for Muslim Kindle for kids in Islam  and Sharia Ruqyah for exorcisms in adults. Halimah founded a few popular blogs at SurvivorsAreUs.WordPress.Com, HighwayToHeaven.WordPress.Com, ChristinaMacQuarrie.Wordpress.Com and is currently researching and implementing new copy writing skills.

Comments on: "Frustrated with Islam, Let Me Explain Following the Salaf, Sharia and Tawhid" (5)

  1. Abdul Qawi said:

    you forgot one more reason behind the usage of the term wahhabi. this is the term given to those people who liken Allah to the creation, weather by given Allah body parts,places or movement. to try and cover up this mis-guidence or mis-direction without proof and what is ment by proof is that of the Quran and Sunna,is a great sin. the one who spreads this improper and bad belief shall gain the sin of those who follow him and of those that they influence to follow what was taught to them by the first to teach it. May Allah Protect us from those who would misguide us

  2. Hello. Appreciate your site. I read it regularly to see the most recent info. Very useful post.

  3. Ryan Urbancik said:

    very interesting… even for a freethinker such as I.

  4. Joe Dacky said:

    You muslims are crazy.

  5. Cindy Reuters said:

    The world’s largest “Mind Control” machinery is the “manipulated Christianity” and today revealed the completely-Jew-controlled Church is the performed weapon, it still uses and threatens all of humanity, the type of devastating threat is directed not only against the poor true real Christians, on the contrary, since the Jews hate all humanity, urskilningslös extinction honest figures worldwide. That is the NWO-labeled beast nature, the so-called Talmudian Jewish fanaticism historically experimented, progressive intellectuals massacred now, this true Jewish imperialism shits into both the church and of course poor Jesus … The Assassin of Jesus is a big shame on Humanbeing if we account the Jews too a kind Human! It’s a big crime; but it’s not the only one work(!) of thus two-legged virus’… There are systematically massacres and assassination scandals, always engineed by Jews. They still eliminate the honoured characters, holy and faithful defenseless persons everywhere… Jews do such sadistic acts like a kind “traditionally profession” throughout history, continue to use the new modern computerized methods, parallelly with the true worshiped of Satan’s orders … As you are witnessing to those who turn out to be behind the big lies / manipulation, distortion of history, occupation / war / looting and robbery empty pedophilia markets, systematic importing of sioni-sect-related recruited criminals … Why Jews need to keep the media in their own hands in order to maintain the “mind control” power over society so that the squeaky way further eliminate all forms of intellectual … That is the true living history … And we are allihiop bode victims and witnesses living in this Orwellian-like pig-farm-system …
    The Military Mafia U$rael’s agents unmasked now, step by step/one after one, were been caught like rats in the EU for example, revealed the false Christian SCHÖTT agent Robert (b. 1953 -) now operates Europe, perfectly organized way. Especially the Swedish institutions worst affected losing her to the clan SCHÖTT has dominant power over both the Swedish (!) Church and the Swedish (!) Judiciary.
    – Who is the rude powerful leader then?
    – Revealed closely here: the Zionist provocateurs Polit-prostitutes true name is: Claes Axelsson Robert Stiller; true birthday: 19530527 and the Jewish agent’s hiding place / address, here in the heart of the capital: Grevgatan 25, 114 53 Stockholm-Östermalm (Devil’s selected crocodiles Överclass animalos’ most infected area in the beautiful city)
    The agent Claes Robert Axelsson (SCHÖTT) lives with a whore who uses her last name:
    Marie SCHÖTT (born 21 October 1952/one year elder than husband-!-) and she likes discuss about such pervesity themes; try by phone! Tel. 070-348 41 64
    During the year (2009) have Marie SCHÖTT, Lisa Swanson and Frederick von Beetzen resign as jurors. Pretend to hoodwink the public agenda: Theological Political Affairs / Papal Elections: For the church September 20 election campaign was conducted primarily work within the congregation of the Central Council the candidate. Moderate Party/Conservatives retained an absolute majority with 11 out of 19 members of the Church Central Administration.
    Pin Pin Board and General Council in Stockholm diocese of Stockholm City and County: Marie SCHÖTT
    – Which pin?
    – Churches Pin!
    – Which party has agreed to be the cover for this Jewish mess?
    – Moderates, masonry imperialists most favored gang that helps to “legalize looting”
    – Who has revealed this last part of the info-communique?
    – Hedvig Eleonora, as thieving in the same mess.


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    – Church-rats operate all kind of institutions, not only the so-called pretend Court rotting ship Kammråttan
    – Terrifying true example the female rat Marie LJUNGBERG SCHÖTT carries a municipal role also in the municipal part Östermalms District.
    – Selected to the President of the Municipal District Östermalm-SDF, as well as their male partners presidency of the Chamber rat.
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    – What do Swedish people?
    – Asleep standing because of Jewish media influence like enormous Mind-Controller-drugs, the majority is under such Jewish control … unfortunately …
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    Documented by Cindy Reuters

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