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What Is The Amero; Conspiracy Theorists Are Worried About The Central Banks

Bismillah (In The Name of Allah)

Dear Reader,

Conspiracy theorists are worried that the central banks of the world are trying to unite the currencies of Canada, USA, and Mexico to form the Amero.

These people propose that the secret rulers of the world (aka Illuminati), the very same families who own majority stakes of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, are trying to create a one world government. They’ve already done it with the European Union, and some say North America is next.

This is HIGHLY controversial, and may be totally made up, but it is definitely something that you should AT LEAST keep in mind.

About half a year ago, when the Canadian dollar was trading 1:1 with the US dollar, and when the Peso was trading exactly 10:1 with the US dollar, I was paranoid that it was the pretext for the Amero.

If you liked this, you will also like ZEITGEIST: ADDENDUM (alternate link) which is the sequel to the first ZEITGEIST. This one focuses 100% on economic issues and is very relevant to what’s going on in finance right now. It is by far the most well-produced documentary of conspiracy theories alternative views.

Is the Internet great or what?

[This was originally produced by: Bankaholic]

Did Zeitgeist Addendum leave a impact on you, please share with us your feelings and impressions, below in the comments.

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